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Write Your Own Haiku

In this fun Japanese children's book, kids will learn to create haiku-elegant and simplistic Japanese poems.Haiku is a uniquely Japanese form of poetry that uses vivid words and imagery to capture a feeling or a moment in just three lines. Short but powerful, haiku poems are easy and fun to write and share with your friends. Haiku has become increasingly popular in school curriculums around the world, particularly among teachers introducing students to the art of poetry as well as Asian history and heritage. The activities in this haiku-for-kids book will show you how to create haiku and will help you to think up meaningful words and images with which you can write beautiful poetry. Write Your Own Haiku For Kids introduces four styles of haiku to readers with clear explanations and numerous examples. This book includes chapters on: Your first haiku-how to get started writing this classic form of poetry Haiku about Nature-a traditional element in haikuHaibun-Haiku with a short storyHaiga-Haiku with a drawingRenga-Haiku that you write together with friendsThe study and creation of haiku is a great way to have fun with both writing and reading poetry while exploring remarkable aspects of Japanese culture.

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