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Stickerbook of Science and Engineering

The Story Pot

Stickerbook of Science and Engineering


What on Earth? Stickerbooks tell giant stories using stickers on a timeline. This one is all about the amazing story of science and engineering from the Stone Ages to today including the most amazing scientists and inventions.

What on Earth? Stickerbooks can be unfolded and spread out on a table, stretched across the floor or even stuck up on a wall. To make your own stickerbook of the story of science and engineering just unfold the timeline attached to the inside back cover and stick the stickers from the following pages in the right places.

When you are finished, carefully tear off the timeline along the perforated edge and stick it on a wall using Blu Tack, tape or pins. You can also colour in our version of Leonardo s Vitruvian Man. Carefully unclip the staples in the middle of the book and lift out your coloured pictures. See if you can spot how many different scientists and inventions there are inside! The What on Earth? Stickerbook of Science has been developed in collaboration with experts at the Science Museum in London and the Institution of Mechanical Engineering.

Suitable for 3yrs+

Height: 30 cm
Width: 22 cms
Depth: 0.5 cms
Length (when fully unfolded): 1.7 metres

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