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Kingdom Of Silk 7 - Nell's Festival of Crisp Winter Glories

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Kingdom Of Silk 7 - Nell's Festival of Crisp Winter Glories


Paperback. Ages 8 - 12.

Two of Perry Angel′s favourite people are Grandma Nell and his good friend Jenkins. 

One night, while listening to Nell play the beautiful Tennessee Waltz, Perry thinks of the perfect way to bring his two favourite people together: he wants to put on a dance - a proper one with petticoats and posies and a real band. 

Perry shares his idea with his sisters, and before long the dance turns into a wonderful winter festival. But when Nell has an accident, will Perry′s wish come true? In Glenda Millard’s beautifully written and multi-award-winning Kingdom of Silk series, set in the evocatively realized Australian countryside, we meet the uncommon Silk family. Parents Ben and Annie Silk have a brood of five daughters (‘the Rainbow Girls’), a son named Griffin, Griffin’s best friend Layla who ‘might as well be a Silk’, Nell - the ‘tiny bit magic’ fairy grandmother, and Perry Angel – an adopted son who joins the Silk family midway through the series.

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