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Gribblebob's Book of Unpleasant Goblins

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Gribblebob's Book of Unpleasant Goblins

"Do you believe in goblins and fairies and dragons and all that malarkey?"
"No," replied Anna and "Yes," said Nils, both at the same time. They looked at each other and grinned.

The tranquil charms of Uppington Down are torn apart one day when Anna and Nils meet the alarmingly rude Robert Gribble on their way home from school. Before long, their lives take a bizarre turn: they join forces with this goblin in disguise and his nearly not-there dog Dimple in a desperate battle to stop Mara, the queen of nightmares, opening a hidden book of power and spilling terror across the world.

Gribblebob's Book of Unpleasant Goblins is a laugh-out-loud adventure that reminds us that with friends, family and belief you can stand up to the scariest of enemies. And if you have a ginger biscuit and an invisible dog, that helps.

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