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Darkthaw (Winterkill 2)

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Darkthaw (Winterkill 2)


I heard the winter winds whistling through the trees, Kane's heart beating loud in my ear.
We took shelter. The dark rushed in. The river froze.
And our dreams began.
Emmeline is itching to explore new lands and break free of the settlement where she has grown up. She's desperate for Kane to come with her, and her dreams tell her to leave as soon as winter is over and the river thaws.
Spring brings new hope - and new dangers.
They knew the journey would take them across dangerous terrain, but they never expected to get caught up in a war between the Dominion and the First Peoples. With everything they know and everyone they love at stake, will Emmeline and Kane follow their dreams or fall apart?

An exceptional continuation of the world of Winterkill.

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