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Story Pot STEAM

Science ·Technology ·Engineering· Art ·Mathematics

Story Pot STEAM are our new Story sessions that we are developing for our booksellers to use to run as regular sessions in their area. They are currently under development and we would love to hear from people who are interested in joining the Bookseller team to run Story Pot STEAM sessions. They will include a story and activities on the theme. Our ethos for the sessions is as follows:

At The Story Pot we believe that learning should be child and process focussed. In our Story Pot sessions we offer open ended activities which each child can take ownership for. We ask parents to help their child by talking to them about what they are doing and asking them ‘why’ and ‘what would happen if’ type questions that may help them to develop their own thoughts and processes. Parents shouldn't worry about the end result – it’s what they discover on the way there that matters.

If you would like to register your interest in attending a STEAM session in your area then send us a message using the form below.