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Story Pot Booksellers

A list of our booksellers in alphabetical order. Let us know if you need any help getting in touch with someone local to you.


 Caroline Ewans - Wimbledon, London

I have always loved quality children's books and have kept my favourite ones from my own childhood - and my daughters' childhoods! For most of my early career I worked with illustrated books, selling foreign rights to overseas companies. I've done a lot of things since then, while bringing up my girls - running a toddler group, chairing the PTA, organising Teddy Bears' Picnics, teaching German, internet marketing. I am thrilled to be returning to an early love. Story Pot books cover such a wide range and it is a delight to introduce them to new readers in south-west London and Surrey.


 Celeste Davies - London

I've always loved books, as a child I'd read a few a week, and when visiting family I'd devour all my aunt's old Mills & Boons! Now that I have children I want them to love and enjoy books. I love the variety of books offered by the Story Pot and am excited to share it with everyone.

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Clare Harris-Ward - Woburn and Milton Keynes

As a lover of books, which developed through my childhood and has stayed with me ever since I was keen to encourage a similar love of books in children. The Story Pot appealed to me due to the small and unusual publishers that they buy from. The art work is always stunning in a Story Pot book and the stories not always as you expect. Both these things help develop creative and critical thinking in children and challenge the norm.



 Emma Kilvert – Staffordshire/Wolverhampton

I have loved teaching for over 15 years, but now have become a mummy. I have always loved using stories to take children on the magical journey of learning, by inspiring, motivating and providing opportunities to be creative. It is a privilege and a joy and now I get to do it with my own, which is so much fun.
I love The Story Pot because of the different types of books and the magic that can develop your child's imagination, capture their love and share their wonder as they delve into these stories. I look forward to heading from you.

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 Katie Wilkins - South Lincolnshire

As a parent to two young girls it is very important to me to have quality books and interesting inspiring stories, and became even more so when I decided to home educate my children. We are loving the variety offered by The Story Pot, and the ability to find books that we haven't seen elsewhere

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Laura Blowers - South Lincolnshire

I am a mum to four children and have always had a love for reading and stories. The Story Pot is giving me access to beautiful books that I can share with my own children as well as with the local community. I love doing craft activities inspired by the stories from The Story Pot.

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Louise White - Wokingham, Berkshire

I am a mum to a 2 year old boy who is turning out to be an avid reader just like his mummy. I have always loved reading from a very early age, and I am enjoying being able to pass this on to my son, through books that are unusual and inspire imagination. I've travelled round the world with my husband, and we hope to be able to do more in a few years’ time. I love meeting new people and finding out how others live first hand, and I'm thrilled that The Story Pot is supporting other small business entrepreneurs through KIVA. We love the selection of books from The Story Pot, and I can't wait to introduce them to you all!

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Samantha Webb - Plymouth

I am a children’s author and illustrator, most of my illustrations are made from wool by needle felting. I am mummy to two Webblings, Lilly and Harrison, wife to an amazing photographer and artist behind the business Moby and Puddle.
I have always loved books and the love of children's stories has never left me. My favourite author of all time is Beatrix Potter.


Zillah Smart - Dunstable, Bedfordshire

I have two young boys who helped me rediscover my love of children's books. We read to them every day so it's important for us to have books that inspire their imagination and creativity. As a family we enjoy spending time outside and dream of travelling more in the future. I can't wait to share with you some truly beautiful children's books whilst also supporting smaller publishers.

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