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Have you always wanted to run your own book shop? Do you have a love of books and want to share this with family, friends and your community? Are you looking for a flexible way to earn money around your family? Or do you want to buy beautiful; books for your own family? There are many reasons why people join The Story Pot Booksellers team, but for the vast majority it all starts with a love of good quality, inspiring and beautiful Children's Books. To find out more about how your own pop up book shop could be a reality have a read of the 'Questions and Terms'  below.

When you have read the information below and you are ready to join us you can use the following links.

To join as a Story Pot Bookseller you can do so here.

To join as a Story Pot Friends and Family Member you can do so here.

If you have any questions you'd like to ask us first then get in touch at

Questions and Terms

What is The Story Pot all about?

At The Story Pot we believe that children have a right to access inspiring and beautiful books covering a wide range of interests. We value well written stories that encourage imagination and freedom of thought, illustrations that excite the artist within and non-fiction books that inspire a child to think further and deeper.

We source our books from a range of publishers, and aim to include the newest and finest children’s books available on the market. Where possible we include books that challenge all stereotypes. We reuse and recycle packaging where ever possible, and use only paper or biodegradable carrier bags. We support women working in developing countries through the charity organisation KIVA by giving a percentage of our sales in loans through the charity.

We aim to provide our Story Pot Booksellers with everything they need to run successful businesses, including online support groups, regular training and a range of resources. We include our team in decisions about which books we offer and what materials and training are needed and we greatly value all feedback.

How do I join The Story Pot?

First make sure you have read this document in full, then join here. After joining we will be in touch to welcome you to the team!

To Sell Or Not To Sell?

That is entirely up to you. We have two options for joining - either as a Story pot Bookseller or as a friends and family member. Please see the relevant information below and scroll down for the friends and family option.

I want to be a Story Pot Bookseller:

Is there a joining fee or annual fee and what do I get?

There is an annual fee of £10 to join as a Story Pot Bookseller, payable on joining and then due every 12 months. When you join you will be added to the Bookseller Team Facebook group for support, and your profile can be added to The Story Pot website and Facebook pages.  On joining and on renewal you will be sent a discount code giving you an increased 40% discount off orders up to a total of £200 within 60 days. You will also have access to various sales aides.

What will my employment status be?

The Story Pot Booksellers are self-employed. You will need to inform HMRC of your self-employment status and are responsible for paying your tax and national insurance. We would also recommend that you have appropriate Public Liability Insurance. If you are not in the UK please check your legal responsibilities.

What if I change my mind?

If you change your mind within 14 days of joining The Story Pot you will be entitled to a refund of your £10 joining fee. Likewise if we decide for any reason to terminate your membership within 14 days of joining we will do so in writing, and provide a full refund.

How much profit will I be make and how will I receive it?

As standard you pay 65% of the rrp of the books we offer, therefore if you charge full price for the books you will receive 35% of the rrp as profit. You will need to take postage costs in to account.

Are there extra awards or benefits?

From time to time we run challenges for our bookseller team, where members, often the highest sellers that month, can win prizes.

Are there any sales targets?

You are welcome to run your Story Pot business in the way that suits you. We would usually expect that you purchase at least £100 of books over the 12 month period. If you don't then we will have a conversation with you when it comes to renew to decide whether you would be better placed as a friends and family member. 

Do I get commission for website sales?

When customers purchase books directly from the website there is the option for them to add their booksellers name. You can also give them a link that will match the order to you. If you have customers that order this way then you will receive 20% of their order in commission.

How should I sell the books?

There are a variety of ways to sell including, but not limited to, home parties, Facebook parties, local events, charity events, working with schools and nurseries and school fairs.

How do I order and pay?

Our Booksellers order via our website. Payment can then be made via debit/credit card or paypal. When you join you will be given codes to use for your initial 40% discount and then your 35% discount. All orders you make with these codes will be posted directly to you – you cannot order in this way to be posted directly to your customers.

How long will it take to receive my orders?

We will endeavour to get your orders to you as soon as possible, but at present as we do not hold all the books in stock it may take around 10 working days.

Can I return unwanted or damaged products?

If an item arrives damaged please contact us on with details of the product(s) and photographs of the damage. We will usually ask that the items are returned to us, after which we will then refund the amount paid for the products and the reasonable return postage costs. We don’t refund for unwanted products, but if you have any issues please do contact us.

Do you have all of the books in stock?

We source the gorgeous selection of books available through The Story Pot from a wide range of publishers and as such regularly order books from a variety of places and don’t hold a large amount of stock. Due to this stock availability may change and we will keep you as up to date as possible on this. If there are any issues with stock availability after you place an order we will let you know as soon as possible.

How much will postage cost?

In the UK postage will be charged at £3 for up to 1kg, £4.30 for 1-2kg and £6.30 for 2-5kg, £7 for over 5-10kg, £15 for 10kg-20kg.  We will review this regularly, and aim to charge only what it costs us to post. If you are outside of the UK then we ask that you arrange your own postage, to be collected from us.

Will there be rewards for introducing people to The Story Pot?

No, The Story Pot no longer runs as a Multi Level Marketing business.

Will there be product catalogues or flyers?

As the books offered will be regularly updated we do not produce catalogues. We regularly share new books on social media.

Can I sell other products alongside my Story Pot business?

Yes you are free to sell other items alongside The Story Pot products. We do however ask that you do not sell any of our products that you have bought elsewhere. We also ask that no products are sold alongside The Story Pot that would bring us in to disrepute.

How would I leave The Story Pot Bookseller team?

If you decide that you no longer wish to be a Story Pot Bookseller just let us know and we can update our bookseller information.


    We reserve the right to cancel your membership of The Story Pot by giving you notice in writing either:

    1. In the case that you bring the business in to disrepute, or do not follow any conditions as set out in this document then notice will be given in writing. If it is not rectified within 14 days then your membership will be cancelled with immediate effect.
    2. For any other reason we will notify you in writing and give you 30 days’ notice from this date.

    Other items for consideration

    From time to time we will need to update this questions and terms document. When this happens we will inform our bookseller team through our facebook team page.

    Please note that you should not be misled by claims that it is easy to achieve a high income by joining this scheme.


    I want to be a Story Pot Friends and Family Member

    Is there a joining fee or annual fee and what do I get?

    There is an annual fee of £10 to join as a Story Pot friends and family member, payable on joining and then due every 12 months if you wish to continue. When you join you will be added to the Story Pot Friends and Family group if you are not already a member (it is possible to be in the group without being a member). On joining (and on renewal) you will be sent a code to give you a standard 25% discount of all Story Pot books. In addition there will be offers in the Story Pot Friends and Family group giving members special offers - these may be on new release, collections and sale books.

    Do I have any commitments to purchase?

    No. Once you join you are free to purchase whichever books you like and there are no minimum or maximum amounts that you need to spend in the 12 months

    How do I stop being a member?

    If you don't wish to be a Story Pot friends and family member you can just wait for the 12 month membership to end and not renew. If you would like to stop before then you are welcome to leave the facebook group and let us know so that we don't send you any emails.