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The 12 Gifts of Christmas!

Katie Wilkins

Starting today and for the next 12 days we will be sharing our top 12 gifts for Christmas with you - lots of lovely interactive books, plus more! Watch our facebook page and this blog as we add a new item each day. You can buy at any time using code 12days at checkout to get a 15% discount.

Day One

Pinball SciencePinball Science

Pinball Science

From Isaac Newton's laws of motion to types of energy and forces, the 32-page book explains everything you need to know about how your pinball machine works, and includes awesome experiments to do at home. Follow the step-by-step instructions to assemble the 88-piece model with plunger, leavers and flippers.

RRP is £17.99 making it £15.29 plus postage

Day Two

Alice in WonderlandBeauty and the BeastPinocchioSnow WhiteThe Little PrinceThe Snow QueenThe Wizard of Oz

These are large hardback books containing beautiful full page illustrations, and versions of these classic stories making them perfect for reading together around the Christmas tree, and snuggled together at bedtime! Use code 12days at checkout making them £12.74 instead of £14.99.

Day Three

Shakletons Journey Activity BookAlain Gree Activity BookAdventures in Cold Places

Keep the little ones busy after they open their presents with these fabulous activity books! We've chosen three of our favourites to give you with 15% off.

Day Four

Flora and the FlamingoFlora and The Peacocks

We love the Flora range! There are three beautiful wordless books and a matching card game so make a great set for a Christmas present!

Day Five

This book and kit is perfect for Christmas! It is crammed with interesting fire service essentials revealing in graphic detail what happens when firefighters are called into action. Includes clear instructions to assemble your firetruck and helicopter, and slot-together firefighters and accessories. A fold-out fire station completes the scene, so that you're ready to race to the rescue!

Day 6

We have a limited number of Have You Seen Elephant, signed by the author-illustrator Dave Barrow.

Day 7

A fantastic one for all dragon lovers! Build a spectacular 3D moving model of a Western dragon, then wind up the motor and watch it come to life! Find out everything you need to know about dragons from around the world with the 32-page book, from myths and legends to anatomy, behaviour and supernatural powers.

Day 8

Day 9

Do you always buy a game for Christmas? Players take turns completing colour sequences by placing red, blue and yellow playing pieces on one of twenty-five fabulously designed game boards. What seems like a simple choice is likely to lead to animated discussion as players come to understand the visual logic at the heart of the game.

Day 10

These books make fantastic Christmas presents! They are hardback books with bright and colourful illustrations. Each book comes with a set of paper animals to make to play with again and again!

Day 11

This is truly beautiful! A magical pop-up theatre with exquisitely designed scenery sheets, props and character sticks for children to stage their own productions of Sleeping Beauty.

Day 12

This unique pop-up interpretation of a beloved Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale is a beautiful version of this classic, to be enjoyed for years by the entire family.


Get 15% off all of the 12 Gifts of Christmas using code 12days at checkout.

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