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A Rainbow in My Pocket. A Book review by Laura Bland, Story Pot Customer.

Katie Wilkins

A Rainbow in My Pocket, a lovely book with a gentle but nonetheless powerful and thought provoking message. Beautiful words surrounded by beautiful gentle pictures that help to tell a magical story of how we can all carry a rainbow in our pocket.

 A Rainbow in My Pocket

For me this book encompasses the simple thoughts and desires of children and how we should encourage them to dream and allow them to express themselves. The language of the book is gentle and flowing and invites the reader in and encourages the young reader to share their own thoughts and ideas.

A Rainbow in My Pocket

I read this book with my 4yr old daughter and she was captivated by each page. When I asked her if she had enjoyed the book I got a resounding "yes" and when I probed further to see what is was she enjoyed I was surprised by how she took her time and finally answered that the "words were all nice, and the colours were pretty". A definite seal of approval.

A Rainbow in My PocketA Rainbow in My Pocket

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