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10 books for Fathers Day

Katie Wilkins

Father’s Day is on Sunday 19th June and what better present than a book that your children and their father can read (and in some cases use) together! We’ve made a list of our top 10 books for Father's Day.

1     My Dad Used To Be So Cool

This is a new book from Flying Eye by award winning illustrator Keith Negley. It's all about a dad that 'used' to be cool before children, told from the young child's point of view. It's very funny and will appeal to parents as much as their children!

My Dad Used To Be So CoolMy Dad Used To Be So Cool

2     I'd Know you Anywhere, My Love

This is a beautiful board book that any father would love to read to his child.

"Fox of Koala, giraffe or racoon...

anything, anywhere under the moon.

Whatever it is you imagine to be,

I'll just be so proud you belong to me."

I'd Know You Anywhere, My LoveI'd Know You Anywhere, My LoveI'd Know You Anywhere, My Love

3     23 Ways to be an Eco Hero

This book is packed full of step-by-step projects for crafty kids eager to reuse, recycle, and do their bit for the environment. Perfect ideas to d on Father's Day and beyond!

23 Ways to be an Eco Hero23 Ways to be an Eco Hero

4     The Book with a Hole

"There's a book. And there's a hole. The hold goes right through the middle of the book..." This is an incredibly interactive book that lends itself to hours of family play!

The Book With A HoleThe Book With A HoleThe Book With A HoleThe Book With A Hole

5 (6, 7 and 8!)     The Camera Book (and similar titles!)

These books give ideas for fun projects for children of all ages, perfect for getting out as a family, and the range of topics means you can find one that fits Dad and child perfectly!

The Camera BookThe Wild Weather BookThe Stick BookThe Paint Book

9     The Animal Boogie

This fun book with singalong CD is great fun and will get the family dancing and singing along!

The Animal BoogieThe Animal Boogie

10     The Sea Tiger

Last but not least, The Sea Tiger is a beautiful story where a fatherly figure Sea Tiger helps Oscar to explore his world and make a new friend.

The Sea TigerThe Sea Tiger

We hope you like our selection and find something perfect for your Father's Day! Feel free to send us an email if you would like further information on any of these or other books.

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