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7 Books to encourage a love of the Environment

Katie Wilkins

At The Story Pot we believe in looking after the environment, and as well as doing our part with our packaging and bags, we have a number of books to help encourage a love of our world and the animal life within it. Here are our top 7 (in no particular order!):

1)     A Forest by Marc Martin - When a forest is cut down, the consequences are more than anyone could have anticipated. A great introduction to deforestation, for children age 3+.

 A ForestA Forest

2)      Animal Rescue by Patrick George - This is a fabulous interactive book where the acetate pages change the scene from one of captivity to one of freedom. A book without words that has a very powerful message, perfect for ages 2+.

Animal Rescue

3)     Bee & Me by Alison Jay - We hear much about the plight of the bumble bee population and its implications for our planet's future. This beautiful picture book makes the story personal and brings a message of hope. A wonderful wordless books by one of our favourite illustrators! Probably best for ages 3+, though younger children will enjoy it too.

Bee and MeBee and Me

4)     Hot Air by Sandrine Dumas Roy and Emanuelle Houssais - A hilarious story where animals have to find a sustainable solution to save the planet. The reason? Farting cows! Children age 5+ will love this story!

Hot Air

5)     The Bear with the Sword by Davide Cali and Gianluca Foli - In this timely and ingenious parable, a bear goes out into the forest with a sword to chop down trees. Soon after, his impregnable fort is washed away by a flood and he goes out to find and punish the creature responsible. This is a book with a message that our actions have consequences, and that we have a responsibility to look after our environment. Great for ages 4+.

The Bear with the SwordThe Bear with the Sword

6)     The Tin Forest by Helen Ward and Wayne Anderson - "There was once a wide, windswept place, near nowhere and close to forgotten that was filled with all the things that no one wanted". A beautiful story where one man improves the world around him. For ages 3+ (though my little one enjoyed it when she was 2!).

The Tin ForestThe Tin ForestThe Tin Forest


7)     Where Did They Go? by Emily Bornoff - In this stunning spotting book, the reader has to search for endangered animals in jungles, in deserts and on the ice. A great introduction to endangered animals and what is being done to save them. Ideal for ages 3 - 6, though younger children may enjoy it too.

Where Did They Go?

We hope you enjoy our selection. We'd love to know what you think and which your favourites are so feel free to leave a comment!

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